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We are here for you if you want to share your love, care, home and family.

If you are curious as to what we do here at Pomeranian Boo House for those lovely creatures with many more features one cannot describe but only experience, let’s be upfront: THEY MEAN ALL THE WORLD TO US.We professionally handle all aspects significant for Poms such as their care, health and training from their birth to the age they are ready for being adopted by you with our expert staff at two farms at Bangkok, Thailand and İstanbul, Turkey.  We monitor closely all vital processes of all our poms in our farms or adopted by you from their birth, we prepare official documents, and provide all care and training in Pom Veterinary and Training Center, within Pomeranian Boo House.

In order to register this professional approach with a world-class certification, we participate in the competitions organized by FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) as the first and only Turkish company to represent our country. We attended these competitions for the last 3 years with the sole goal of representing our company as best as possible by winning “Most Beautiful Pomeranian” award each year.

Does our care and interest end with adoption? NO:

After you adopt them, we continue to take responsibility for all kinds of care, health controls and depending your request, their training.

Our team ready to provide consultancy 24/7 and our Pom hotel that can host your Poms in our farm together with their siblings whenever you wish are always at your service.
When you lack free time to visit us for Hairdressing, Vaccination or Training time our team will be with your Pom, wherever you are.

Pomeranian Boo House by Serkan KömürPomeranian Boo House by Serkan Kömür
9 Things You Should Know About Adorable Pomeranian Breed Dogs:

1 – You know there are living beings that everyone, whether child or adult, wants to cuddle at the moment they see; Pomeranians are exactly among those with a playful, loyal, bright spirit and small yet great hearts.

2 – Being tiny (14-25 cm) and as light as a feather (1-2.5 kg), Pomeranians are cute, adorable beings you will need to dedicate 15 – 16 years of your life.

3 – With regards to their features contrasting their size: their great heart in their small body capable of love for each individual of the house is an indication of their ability to get along well with you and your other pets in the house.

4 – Did you know that Pomeranian owners call them soul readers? You won’t keep them away for a second when you see that your little soul mate acts according to your body language and you can share not only your joy but sorrow and secrets with them. Which will be easy thanks to their size 🙂

5 – Their wish to sniff everything with their tiny nose is not only because of their excessive curiosity; these smart beings with thirst for learning are companions that can learn any of your commands.

6 – Differing significantly by their appearances and characters, Pomeranian breed is divided into three: Pomeranian – Teddy Bear Pomeranian –Teacup. Pomeranians are easiest to access and more active compared to Teddy Bear and Teacups, with their sharp nose lines, cream and brown color, 25 cm length. Teddy bear face also known as “BOO” exhibit a visual feast with their calmness and characteristics inherited from their very special line of families, their round lines, pug nose and hair of astonishing colors. Teacup Teddy Bears, the best line of Teddy Bear family with 14 cm length that is only found in United States, Thailand, and in Turkey through us, are very rare breeds that will colour up your life and you won’t leave, with their character and cuteness.

7 – Another feature that is contrary to their size is the courage coming from their big heart. You can be sure that they will activate their little barking voice weapon immediately to protect both you and their territory when their instincts sense any danger.

8 – These outstanding beauties you will fall in love at first sight actually owe their beauty to the routine care; so naturally they attach “a little” importance to their appearance 🙂  The hair you will enjoy combing every day, is their greatest weapons that arouse a feeling of cuddling 🙂

9 – Considering color options of Poms, we can talk about 6 most known main colors: White Color: It is a rare color generally bred in special farms, in South Korea and Vietnam.

Party Color: It is a breed unique to America and Thailand. They have mostly white hair with black, brown and gray hair around the head and body.
Black Color: It is a rare color option. There are also those with mixed colors on the black background. It is a special line from Thailand region.
Orange Color: It is the most common color in Poms. They are bred in America and Thailand region.
Cream Color: A recently popular color also seen as dark cream and off-white common in Thailand region.
Brown Color: It is another common color in the genetics of all Pomeranian breeds. They can also be single colors or mixed colors in the light and dark brown tones resembling crimson color.

Pomeranian Boo House by Serkan Kömür
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